Industrial sanitation is an important aspect of the manufacturing process. But in factories where cleaning is done manually, there is often a lack of understanding of how the equipment system works and what needs to be done to improve the sanitation of the production premises.

To help businesses improve sanitation and reduce cleaning costs, Odyssey Systems offers comprehensive solutions.

Enterprise audit: identifying problems and opportunities to solve them

An enterprise audit is an inspection of equipment and sanitary conditions in an enterprise in order to identify problems and opportunities to solve them. The audit shows what types of cleaning are used at the enterprise, how they work, what cleaning products are used and how they affect the cleaning efficiency.

An audit can identify not only problems, but also opportunities to reduce cleaning costs and improve the quality of sanitary conditions in the enterprise.

In our company, we conduct enterprise audits to help our clients identify problems and opportunities to solve them:

  • we analyze the sanitary conditions at the enterprise,
  • We evaluate the effectiveness of the cleaning methods used,
  • We offer solutions to improve the quality of sanitation and reduce cleaning costs.

Remote audit

In some cases, the audit can be conducted remotely. But the arrival of a specialist will allow you to more thoughtfully draw up technical specifications and ultimately purchase the set of equipment that will be optimal for a particular enterprise.

If you are interested in purchasing equipment, we can send our specialist to the client’s enterprise to conduct an audit. In some cases, adjusting the Terms of Reference immediately after the audit allows you to save significant money.

Foam station equipment

Foam station is equipment for external foam cleaning of production equipment. But not all areas need the same equipment:

  • In some cases, you need an installation stand, a foam station for 3 products (alkali/acid/NUK disinfection), an inertial stainless steel drum and a 30-meter hose.
  •  In another area, a station for 1 product (alkaline foam), a 15-meter hose with a wall holder for it will be enough.

Our specialists will easily answer all your questions regarding the use of various washing modes, working with detergents, necessary accessories, and will also select the optimal equipment.


Advantages of our company

  •  Our company’s specialists have extensive experience in the field of sanitation of industrial premises.
  • We offer comprehensive solutions that reduce cleaning costs and improve the quality of sanitary conditions in the enterprise.
  • We will design, manufacture and install a system for foam washing of food equipment for any enterprise in the Russian Federation.

Contact us by phone 8-3852-22-32-14 or leave a request on our website to get advice and order an audit of the enterprise.

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