Pumping stations

Central pumping station

The central pumping station (CPS) for food enterprises is a water treatment plant for increasing pressure. The features of this station are high efficiency, low noise level, corrosion resistance, compact design, ease of maintenance.

The increase in water pressure of up to 25 bar necessary for effective washing is provided by a central pumping station, which is installed directly in the workshop or in a separate room. The central nervous system is connected to the existing water supply system at the enterprise. The kit includes the installation elements necessary for connection to the enterprise water supply system.

  • Description of work
  • Equipment
  • The unit is equipped with an automatic start-stop function. When all satellite stations stop operating (water flow stops), the built-in timer ensures that the pump stops and goes into sleep mode within 20 seconds.
  • at the inlet of the central pumping station (central pumping station) is protected from running “dry” by a sensor that turns off the system when there is low inlet pressure or insufficient water flow. if the inlet pressure drops below 0.5 bar, the unit automatically stops.
  • Protection of the pump motor, including during overheating and during power outages, is carried out electronically.
  • control of station parameters is carried out on a display located on the outside of the station, where the main indicators of the station’s operation are displayed.
  • electronic components are mounted in a stainless steel box installed in the central station.
  • vertical centrifugal multistage pump
  • a frequency converter
  • pressure meter
  • dry running sensor
  • temperature sensor
  • automatic control
  • AISI304 stainless steel cabinet or frame
Name Working pressure, bar Water consumption, cubic meters/hour Number of simultaneously working posts Maximum number of posts in the system Power, kWt
Odyssey 20-2 20 2.4 2 3 2.2
Odyssey 20-4 20 4.8 4 6 3.8
Odyssey 20-6 20 7.2 6 9 5.5
Odyssey 20-8 20 9.6 8 12 7.5

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