For foam cleaning and disinfection of food equipment and production facilities

Foam washing of equipment

The requirements put forward to food manufacturers force various industries to choose what equipment to use to ensure cleanliness and hygiene in production.
At the moment, even in new enterprises, cleaning issues are resolved using manual labor or equipment that is not intended for use in food enterprises in everyday cleaning mode.
Washing equipment and cleaning premises are among the main tasks at the end of a work shift at any enterprise. The quality of the products ultimately depends on the quality of cleaning.

Methods for washing food equipment:

01 MANUAL CLEANING OF WORKSHOPS An employee of an enterprise has at his disposal a limited set of equipment: buckets, brushes, rags. At the same time, uncontrolled water consumption occurs; detergents are dosed manually. Also, in order to clean the workshop at the end of the shift, you need to spend from 1.5 to 3 hours. Uncontrolled consumption of water and detergents casts doubt on the economic benefits of using this method to solve the problems. Не контролируемый расход воды и моющих средств ставят под сомнение экономическую выгоду от использования данного метода для решения поставленных задач.
02 USE OF FOAM GENERATORS AND HIGH PRESSURE VEHICLES When using this type of cleaning, hoses and wires are located throughout the workshop. To use this equipment at the enterprise, the employee must install this equipment at the end of the shift, connect it into a single system, manually apply the cleaning solution and, after cleaning, put everything in its place. The task becomes much more complicated when it is necessary to clean rooms divided into separate areas.
03 FOAM WASHING SYSTEMS The third option is to introduce a foam washing system at the enterprise. The use of this type of cleaning will reduce the time required for sanitary work and save the amount of detergents and water. The equipment set is a system consisting of a pumping station, where the necessary water pressure is generated, and satellite stations located throughout the workshop in cleaning areas.

One of the most effective methods of external cleaning and disinfection of food and processing industry enterprises is the introduction of an external foam cleaning system into production.

Foam washing systems

Foam stations are designed for creating and applying foam based on alkaline and acidic detergents on the surface to be cleaned, as well as for disinfecting equipment. Foam formation occurs by automatically converting the detergent into thick foam and applying it to the surface being treated. With a hose length of 25 meters, foam can be applied to an area of ​​up to 1900 square meters, then washed off with a high-pressure jet and disinfected equipment.

Foam stations are easily adjusted, which allows you to provide the desired concentration of the cleaning solution and achieve the required foam density. Changing washing modes occurs at the foam station and is intuitively clear to the company’s employees.



Pressure boosting station

The increase in water pressure of up to 25 bar required for effective cleaning is provided by a pumping station. The station configuration is selected depending on the required number of simultaneously operating washing posts (satellite stations).


  • vertical centrifugal multistage pump
  • a frequency converter
  • pressure meter
  • dry running sensor
  • temperature sensor
  • automatic control


Changing washing modes

To change the mode (foam/flush/disinfection), just turn the handle on the foam satellite, which is equipped with each washing station, and replace the nozzle on the washing gun. All nozzles are held on quick-release connections, which allows you to easily and quickly change nozzles.

The mixing system of water, air and detergent is designed in such a way that the detergent is sucked out of the canister using a slight excess pressure. This avoids additional operations for mixing the cleaning solution. After applying the foam and holding the exposure (10-20 minutes), the foam satellite is switched to flush mode and a stream of water removes the washing solution with protein deposits and other contaminants.

Foam posts

The foam station is an installation where water, detergent and compressed air are mixed. The main purpose is to apply foam to the surface to be treated. The main part of the foam station is an injector from the German company R+M. Depending on the tasks, 2 types are used:

-ST168 — for applying a cleaning solution based on alkaline, acidic, neutral detergents. The Odyssey SP1 and Odyssey SP2 posts are made on the basis of the ST168 injector.

-ST164 — for those cases when, together with foam washing, it is necessary to carry out disinfection based on peracetic acid. The Odyssey SP2D and Odyssey SP3 posts are made on this injector.


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