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Number of work posts

This parameter is determined by the size of your company.

For small workshops, 2-3 posts will be enough. The maximum number of 8-10 posts from one station.

Each washing station is equipped with a hose, a trigger, a drum (hose holder) and a set of nozzles.

The number of posts working simultaneously in the "FLUSH" mode

Based on our experience, we suggest considering a pumping station that provides 2/3 of the total number of simultaneously operating posts.

Number of detergents on the post

Stationary foam generators allow the use of foams based on alkaline, acidic and neutral detergents, as well as disinfection of equipment.

Choose the amount of detergents per post based on the needs of your company.

Fixing the foam post

If it is not possible to install equipment on load-bearing walls in the production room (for example, partitions are made of profiled sheet), then it is necessary to use mounting stands made of food-grade stainless steel AISI304.

Hose attachment

The best option is an inertial drum made of stainless steel.
This choice will ensure long-term operation of the hose.

When choosing a hose up to 15m, you can use a hose holder.

Hose length

The length of the hose can be up to 25 m. With a length of more than 25m, the foam quality decreases. Based on the length of the hose you have chosen, we will offer the option of a drum or a hose holder.

15 m20 m25 m

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