The use of alkaline detergents in combination with foam washing and disinfection equipment systems

In modern conditions of functioning of the food industry, ensuring a high level of cleanliness is becoming a primary task. A key component of successfully solving this problem is not only the right choice of detergents, but also the use of advanced technologies such as foam washing and disinfection equipment systems. In this article, we will take a deeper look at the importance of using alkaline detergents in combination with modern foam washing systems, highlight the unique features of these products and emphasize the advantages of their combined use.

One of the key characteristics of alkaline detergents is a high pH level, which is usually in the range of 11 to 14. This property makes them effective in removing various contaminants, including fat and protein. In addition, they are able to disperse fats and proteins, forming an emulsion that is easily washed off with water. Another important aspect is their ability to remain effective at low temperatures, which is important in terms of saving energy during washing processes.

The composition of alkaline detergents includes sodium hydroxides (NaOH) or potassium hydroxides (KOH) as the main active ingredients. They provide high alkalinity and effective destruction of fats and proteins. In addition, detergents can contain various assistants, such as complexing agents, septic tanks and stabilizers, which improve the detergent properties and stability of the solution.

It is important to realize that the wrong choice and use of detergents can lead to insufficient efficiency of the cleaning process, as well as create potential risks to the safety of personnel.

Chemical cleaners, including detergents and cleaning products, are available on the market in various forms, including liquid and powdered states. These products are complex mixtures of components, each of which performs a specific function. Understanding the diversity of these chemical compounds and their purpose is becoming extremely important for effective control of various types of pollution. Recommendations for use are always provided in the instructions for each product, and their observance is the key to the safety and effectiveness of the process.

Types of alkaline detergents

Highly alkaline products (pH 12.5-14):

  • Application: These products are used where the removal of heavy, persistent contaminants such as long-standing deposits, deposits and proteins is required.
  • Features: They have a high corrosive ability, which makes them a powerful tool in the fight against the most difficult contaminants, but they require special care, since they can strongly irritate the skin, especially when using caustic soda.
  • Caution: Working with such products requires strict compliance with the rules and the use of personal protective equipment.

Alkaline products (pH 11-12.5):

  • Application: They effectively remove fats and are often used in automatic cleaning of equipment or surfaces.
  • Features: They have a lower corrosion resistance compared to highly alkaline products and have less irritating effect on the skin. However, they should not be allowed to get on the exposed skin.

Slightly alkaline products (pH 8.5-11):

  • Application: They are used to remove «light» fats, oils or combined contaminants.
  • Features: Unlike previous species, they do not contribute to the removal of mineral deposits. Complex agents can take part in the removal of mineral contaminants by dispersing and suspending solid particles with surfactant molecules that are part of the product.

The effectiveness of the cleansing effect of alkaline detergents depends on their concentration in water, usually 5-10%. If such a solution is insufficient to completely remove impurities, an additional amount of alkaline agent is added.

Inattentive attitude to the manufacturer’s recommendations can lead to insufficient effectiveness of the product and complicate the process of removing impurities. Each type of alkaline detergents has its own characteristics, and the right choice depends on the specific task and requirements of the enterprise. Strict adherence to the recommendations for use and the application of safety measures when working with various types of detergents becomes an extremely important aspect of the successful provision of the cleaning and disinfection process.

The use of alkaline products with foam washing systems

Effective hygiene in food enterprises requires not only the use of modern foam washing systems, but also the selection of suitable alkaline detergents. Let’s look at the practical aspects of using alkaline products in combination with foam washing and disinfection equipment systems.

The choice of optimal alkaline products. It is necessary to take into account not only the alkalinity of the detergent, but also its specialized properties, such as disinfection, fat emulsification, and deodorization. Each company has its own characteristics, and the selection of an alkaline remedy should be individualized. Manufacturers provide technical documentation with recommendations for use.

The optimal dosage in the foam washing system. Careful determination of the optimal dosage of alkaline products in the foam washing system is the key point. The degree of contamination, the type of surface and the parameters of the equipment should be taken into account. This not only increases the efficiency of cleaning, but also saves resources, reducing the costs of the enterprise.

Staff training. The effectiveness of the washing system directly depends on how well trained the staff is. It is important that employees are attentive to the manufacturer’s recommendations, understand the principle of operation of the equipment and use detergents correctly. The training also includes training on the safe handling of chemicals.

Alkaline detergents are an integral part of the cleaning process in food processing plants. Their high alkalinity makes them an effective choice for removing a variety of contaminants, including hard-to-remove fats, proteins and other organic substances. The combination of these products with foam washing systems increases the uniformity of the detergent solution distribution, which ensures a high degree of surface cleanliness.

Alkaline products with foam washing and disinfection equipment systems are also widely used in industrial premises. They are used for cleaning and maintenance of various equipment such as conveyors, tanks, pumps and other surfaces in contact with raw materials and end products. This is important for compliance with product safety and quality standards

A variety of applications:

  • Washing dishes and cutlery: effective removal of food deposits and fat ensures a high standard of hygiene, which is necessary in the food industry.
  • Washing equipment: used for washing various equipment in food processing plants, such as stoves, ovens, deep fryers and other surfaces where fats and proteins can accumulate.
  • Cleaning of work surfaces: they are used to clean and disinfect tables, racks and other work surfaces, ensuring the safety and hygiene of the workspace.

Where not to use alkaline products

Alkaline solutions should be used with caution, as they can cause negative reactions with certain surfaces. For example, it is not recommended to wash aluminum surfaces and galvanized steel surfaces with alkaline solutions, since these metals actively interact with alkalis, which can lead to surface corrosion. It is also worth being extremely careful when using alkaline products on painted surfaces, since many paint coatings are unstable to the action of alkalis.

Alkaline products also have a negative effect on rubber parts of equipment, including silicone rubber products. With prolonged use of alkaline-based cleaning solutions, corrosion of glass surfaces is possible, which leads to their clouding. Although this effect usually manifests itself after a long period (several years), for sensitive surfaces such as mirrors, display glasses and stained glass, it is recommended to avoid the use of alkaline agents or rarely use them in the form of highly diluted solutions.

To reduce the aggressiveness of alkaline detergents and prevent corrosion of aluminum and galvanized surfaces, alkaline salts such as carbonate, metasilicate, orthophosphate, etc. can be used. These salts, dissolved in water, partially hydrolyze, releasing a small amount of alkali, sufficient to ensure the effectiveness of purification, but insufficient to cause corrosion of galvanized, aluminum or glass surfaces. However, it should be remembered that preparations based on alkaline salts are slightly alkaline and are not suitable for removing complex contaminants such as tar deposits, carbon deposits, burnt fat and protein. They are recommended mainly for washing process equipment, where highly alkaline solutions can damage individual components.

Taking into account the key aspects of the use of alkaline products in combination with foam washing systems, enterprises can achieve a high degree of cleanliness, safety and compliance with standards, which is essential in the field of food production.

Advantages of using foam washing systems with alkaline products

  • High cleaning efficiency. Foam washing systems ensure an even distribution of the alkaline detergent solution over the surface, which increases its contact with dirt. In combination with alkaline products, this leads to the effective removal of even hard-to-remove residues such as fats and proteins.
  • Saving detergent. Equipment systems for foam washing and disinfection of sinks allow for more accurate dosing of alkaline detergent, which helps to save resources and reduce production costs.
  • Safety for staff. The use of foam washing systems reduces the need for manual exposure to contaminated surfaces, which reduces the risk to employees of the enterprise.

A variety of alkaline cleaning detergents

Foam washing systems involve a variety of alkaline-based detergents, divided into several categories depending on their foaming properties: foamed, non-foamed and low-foamed. These differences are important when choosing a tool, depending on the specifics of harvesting tasks.

  • Foam detergents

Foam products are intended exclusively for manual use. However, you should be careful when using them in harvesting equipment, since there is a risk of the working solution getting into the nodes of the device, which can lead to equipment failure.

  • Low-grade detergents. Versatility in manual and hardware cleaning

Low-foaming detergents are versatile and safe for use in both manual and hardware cleaning. Their use ensures effective removal of contaminants, minimizing the risk of damage to equipment components.

  • Unlimited funds. Specialized application in cleaning

Non-allergenic products used on an alkaline basis are intended exclusively for cleaning using specialized equipment. They find their application in mobile and stationary foam stations, scrubbers and other similar devices.

Safe use of alkaline detergents

Professional alkaline detergents require special care due to their high activity. When using, you should strictly follow the instructions, wear protective equipment such as glasses, gloves and, if necessary, a respirator. In case of contact with the skin or mucous membranes, it is necessary to immediately rinse the affected areas with water and consult a doctor.

Special attention should be paid to observing the exposure time of the alkaline composition on the treated surface in order to prevent possible damage. If the instructions are strictly followed, the use of alkaline detergents will be safe and effective for humans and the environment. Upon completion of cleaning, it is recommended to immediately dispose of the working solution, observing safety standards and environmental standards.

In the context of ensuring the safety and high quality of production at food enterprises, the combination of alkaline products with modern foam washing systems becomes an integral part of a successful cleaning and disinfection process. The effectiveness of this symbiosis underlines the importance of the correct choice and application of chemicals, as well as careful training of personnel.

The effectiveness of Odyssey Systems foam washing systems is manifested in the uniform distribution of alkaline cleaning solutions, ensuring maximum impact on pollution, which contributes to a high degree of cleaning and disinfection even in the presence of hard-to-reach areas.

Odyssey Systems’ integrated solutions allow you to optimize the consumption of alkaline detergents, and accurate dosing ensures minimal costs while maintaining maximum efficiency.

The use of Odyssey Systems in combination with high-quality alkaline detergents becomes the key to safe production at food enterprises.


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The OdysseySystems company provides a full range of services in matters of cleanliness in food enterprises: from application processing to facility commissioning and personnel training. Our specialists will install the system in any region of the Russian Federation.

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